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Holding 12 Amateur National "A" 
Championships & 35 Regional 
Championships to his name,
Steve Leivan
is an off-road racing machine!

specializing in Hare Scrambles & Enduro, his all in-all the time & never quit mentality are what make Steve the hard-core racer he is, full of true grit & determination to be the best he can be.  

Read the submission for his nomination into the Missouri Sports Hall of Fame HERE

And, check back often for updates - his race reports will make you feel like you're riding right along with him

"Battle scars, bent handlebars, and nights the pain wouldn't end.  Sounds kinda like a country song but it was really a durability testing session on the 300 Sherco.  I'm not sure if it kept running while upside down, but the exhaust header remained "up to operating temperature.  A second later, it got "real"
- Steve at RevLimiter 2018

Photos by E Marak

SITE UPDATED 2/15/19  

TORN 3/2
TORN 3/20
Off-Road Cup 4/20
MORE 5/18

THE 17 time
MHSC Overall Champion

Steve isn't just a racer, he gives back to the sport by promoting Midwest Off Road Events (MORE), 
an off-road motorcycle racing series in the Midwest AND also The Off-Road Cup,
a 9hr 3-man team race!  Click the logos
below to find out more about these exciting races!




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